Reverse Engineering

Making sense of complex geometries

Reverse Engineering is helping engineers look into legacy parts or unique objects without the need to take them apart for study and reconstruction. Reverse engineering opens the doors to creating accurate prototyping of an existing object by subjecting it to 3D scanning and generating a precise CAD drawing of the same. This CAD drawing may then be executed as such or, polished as the need may be.

Visuali is helping companies make headways in reinvention and reconstruction of even very complicated parts by delivering precise 3D measurements and the corresponding CAD data. Our reverse engineering services are helping companies do in hours what other methods take days or weeks to achieve, with unparalleled precision compared to traditional means.

Visuali produced output is also useful for inspection, mold and pattern making, tool path creation, tooling verification or additive manufacturing and 3D printing. Reverse engineering by 3D scanning also makes it easy to correct tool geometries in the CAD data and tune it to meet the newest requirements or norms, thereby reducing time and effort that may otherwise be lost in refabricating the prototype.

Our reverse engineering service provides for reduction methods as in:

  • Surface model
  • Volume model
  • Fully parametric (CAD model with geometric elements)
  • Reduction of scaled and inverted error for tool correction
  • Direct interface to CAD systems