Quality Inspection

Micro-managing quality

3D Inspection (Dimensional Inspection) for quality control is helping engineers and designers peep into complex geometries to verify perfection in a manufactured part. 3D scanning is employed in quality control to measure, inspect, compare or report deviations from design.

Visuali’s services in quality control is helping manufacturers study subtle deviations, variations and fine details during any stage of manufacturing where the parts have measurable surfaces. Our contact and touch-probe measuring tools deliver precise reports of the objects provided.

Visuali delivers top of the line 3D inspection services in the areas of:

  • Product and tool inspections
  • First article inspections
  • First-off inspections (sampling)
  • In-process inspections
  • Die tryouts
  • Tool and die duplication
  • Statistical sampling
  • Performance simulation and analysis
  • Meshes for finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Meshes for computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Models for kinematic analysis
  • Problem diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Root cause analysis
  • Process variance
  • Tool rework