CT Scanning

Fool-proofing creations for a safer world

Computed tomography is employed in situations where precise data gathering is crucial to study the safety of the end product. The main area where CT scanning comes handy is non-destructive failure analysis inside the parts. Visuali offers a wide range of computed tomography analysis methods which help in

  • Porosity/inclusion analysis
  • Damage and failure analysis
  • Detection of hairline fractures
  • Stress tests such as temperature, pressure or electrically charged
  • Assembly checks
  • Wear analysis
  • Measuring analyses and geometry comparison
  • Master CAD to scan comparison
  • 2D drawing to scan comparison
  • Product benchmarking
  • All linear and angular measurements

Our hi-end CT scanning systems are equipped to handle entire parts and very large objects, unveiling deviations, cavities, etc. in no time. They may also be employed for geometry comparisons such as plan/actual where a comparison can be made to the CAD or master or, actual/actual where one section of the object may be compared to the rest.