Polyjet Printing

Construct models with multiple materials with different properties in one single build.

PolyJet printing is for those applications that call for smooth parts, include challenging characteristics or organic shapes such as requiring different materials in the same build, have multiple designs elements and have short time to establish all of the above. PolyJet works best in scenarios where casting designs need verification, gate and runner refinements are likely and, castings will be complex or large.

Visuali employs PolyJet technology for blow-molding and custom injection molding processes to deliver materials with greater longevity, strength, and heat resistance than those produced by other additive manufacturing technologies.Speed, accuracy, perfect surface finish and cost efficiency apart, PolyJet 3D printed parts make way for instant testing, feedback and iteration as necessary before expensive tooling,giving innovators time to perfect their design before hitting the market.

Smart PolyJet technology built machines at Visuali are the best in their class where tooling is concerned. It brings together the right ergonomic mix of materials to deliver to any application/scenario including soft-touch parts, clear components, living hinges and shock absorption features.The machines also feature the ability to print multiple materials in one automated build lending a supreme degree of realism to the prototype.