Accelerating projects through rapid conversation of CAD data to products.

Rapid prototyping is helping companies realise their ideas into products faster. 3D printing techniques are also allowing engineers and designers the freedom to relook at their design, making revisions easily and cost effectively compared to other traditional methods. 3D printed prototypes make all the difference when the need is to convey an idea properly or when it is necessary to ascertain a product/part’s functionality in the real-world before investing in expensive tooling.

Visuali’s prototyping services are helping businesses accelerate their projects, streamline workflow and get market-ready in as least a time frame as possible. Our 3D printers deliver true to CAD, flawless and finished products ready for testing/implementation in real-life scenarios. Our rapid prototyping services also allow business to pursue rigorous testing, evaluation and refinement of the prototypes as necessary with reduced time frame between revisions. Our 3D printers accept and process a wide range of materials to deliver the exact solutions you are looking for. A full spectrum of materials such as photopolymers, thermoplastics, metals and composite materials that can withstand any secondary processes like sealing, polishing, painting, metallization or electroplating can be produced by us.From the delicate to the ultra-tough, from complex and micro designs to large object printing, Visuali has all the resources in place to help take your ideas to the real world.


3D printing with the same material as the final product to enable precise function testing

Laser Sintering

Produce impact-resistant,complex geometries for low-volume parts in a jiffy.

MultiJet Fusion Printing

The prototyping breakthrough you have been waiting for

Fused Deposition Modelling

Go from 3D CAD to thermoplastic materials without tooling

Polyjet Printing

Construct models with multiple materials with different properties in one single build.

Colorjet Printing

Show the world your innovation in all its colours.

MultiJet Printing

Complicated thoughts uncomplicated by a machine.

Direct Metal Printing

Precision metal manufacturing solutions

Vacuum Casting

High-quality prototypes the quick, easy and precise way.

CNC Machining

Optimise cutting time, surface finish and final tolerance to meet your design specifications

Finishing Services

Prototypes indistinguishable from end products is now possible