On-Demand Manufacturing

Allow creativity and innovation to take wings, without letting your doubt over access to tools that make them, mar your imagination.

Visuali throws open the floor to Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping with top end 3D printers, putting the transformative power of ideas right into your hand. Attempt even the most complex of product designs aided by our 3D printing hardware, software, skilled engineers and post-production specialists, all in one place.

Whether your need is building a few hundred parts or a pre-planned number of parts in any repetitive time span, we have just the right team and technology under our on-demand manufacturing services waiting for you.

We support the following on-demandmanufacturing functions:

3D Printing

Print a thought, print a part. In 3D. Make engineering grade, functional parts at unimaginable speeds!

CNC Machining

Optimise cutting time, surface finish and final tolerance to meet your design specifications.

Vacuum Casting

God of small things. Super-fast, accurate parts in small quantities.