Critical care is empowered by precision diagnostic devices, prosthetic devices and equipment.

Visuali’s on-demand production service is helping surgeons, doctors, hospitals and healthcare manufacturers revolutionise healthcare with patient-specific surgical simulation and direct printing of individualized implants and customized instrumentation.

Our services are made for two specific areas of medical care – Dental and Medical.


Our on-demand manufacturing and prototyping services give dental labs the ability and versatilityto print multiple parts using multiple materials for different applications at the same time. OtherVisuali advantages include:

  • Scalability: The versatility of the 3D Printing system allows it to offer scalable solutions with quick turnaround time and, desk to ready-to-use products
  • Makes multi-colour,multi-material, multi-textural 3D production in a single print, a reality
  • Accurate, consistent, realistic, rapid and, easy to use
  • No digital design knowledge requirement on the user’s side since all are plug and play solutions
  • Clean, quiet and, predictable process
  • Capability to deliver ultrafine resolution down to 16 microns for dental models and applianceswith fine details and smooth surfaces with PolyJet technology
  • Develops dental models that can mimic both hard surfaces like bone and teeth and, soft tissues such as gums
  • Possibility to use biocompatible materials that allow short-term mucosal-membrane contact up to 24 hours
  • Safe for immediate handling and use


Distinctive advantages of Visuali’smedical on-demand part manufacturing services over others

  • Polyjet technology makes multi-material, multi-colour printing in a single run realistic for pre-surgery planning models specific to your patient with layer resolution of 0.0006 inches (16 microns) for precise details and smooth surfaces
  • Makes working with strong thermoplastics, biocompatible materials and sterilisable materials for forming implants or guiding cuts possible at layer resolution as fine as 0.005 inches (127 microns) for great accuracy
  • Paves way for on-demand manufacturing with access to a range of traditional and additive technologies
  • Enables quick development and validation of medical devices
  • Enables validation of device performance on patient-derived 3D printed anatomical models for precision and personalised care
  • Ability to mimic even fine tissue properties with a single print run
  • Build faster and cheaper concept models for preclinical testing
  • Create realistic anatomical models customised for virtually any clinical scenario
  • Design freedom, reduced wastage and warehousing costs
  • Scalability
Visuali’s 3D scanning services find wide adoption in the sectors of biomechanics, forensic pathology, dental and crime scene investigations.Visuali meets the medical field’s high precision needs of inspection of high-precision metal parts such as surgical supplies, non-contact laser scanning and optical measurement of fragile human and machine parts, etc. The measurement data thus obtained is then used to design complex tooling required to shape the freeform components that mimic the human body.