Educators and educational institutions are one of the largest beneficiaries of 3D on-demand part manufacturing services.

Our 3D printing and scanning services helps move learning from books to a more practical and real world platform allowing students to touch, feel, measure and understand how different mechanisms work be it in physics, chemistry, geography, biology, art, medicine or engineering.

Our services distinctive deliver to educators and learners

  • A quick, creative and practical learning experience
  • Lower model costs
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Improved usability
  • Travel beyond the classroom with 3D printed buildings, monuments, artefacts, geographical patterns or fictional places and things
  • Experience the unseen world of sound waves, magnetic fields, cell structures, viruses and molecules
  • Foster career readiness with skilled training for auto workers, machinists, automation technicians, tool and die makers, and other skilled technicians
  • Understand manufacturing from the cradle stage and close the manufacturing industry vs real-life skills gap
  • Attract students and prepare students for today’s manufacturing careers
  • Makes it possible to introduce and explore the latest finds from around the world in various fields be it science, manufacturing, engineering, media and entertainment, architecture, health care, aerospace, robotics, automotive design or the arts through quick production of 3D models
  • Makes lab time more productive for research students