Innovation leaders – the automotive industry have an equally passionate part manufacturing service provider, Visuali.

Visuali understands the challenges automotive manufacturing faces and is fully prepared to deliver high-end, classified production and scanning services. Driving innovation with

Visuali is also the go-to partner for on-demand manufacturing in the face of stricter environmental regulations, rising costs of raw materials, and the ongoing need to reduce time-to-market.

Our on-demand manufacturing services help

  • Drive innovation at every level
  • Manufacture assemblies with reduced part count and, increased strength and efficacy while reducing weight thereby improving fuel efficiency
  • Optimise efficiency by simplifying the production processes
  • Reduced costing
  • Prevent retooling or scraping by testing injection-molds and other tools before machining
  • Freedom to imagine and design the next generation wheels, with reduced cost, design perfection, less weight and energy/fuel savings
  • Makes even small production runs profitable
  • Great for customisation requirements
  • Customise repairs, restorations and accessories with 3D printed materials
  • Tailor vehicles to a specific region or market

Our active 3D scanning services help

  • Improve component accuracy
  • Improve component performance
  • Improve supply chain efficiency
  • Eliminate faults and errors
  • Optimise production lines
  • Improve inspection capabilities
  • Help with crash reconstruction
  • Reverse engineering for prototyping, improvement and manufacture
  • Improve contouring and appeal of supercars
  • Serve as a gauge of quality and,
  • Lead innovation.