Enduring partnerships that revolutionise the industry

Aerospace & Aeronautics

Aerospace is an area that demands continuous innovation in design and safety, cost efficiency and quick turnaround all at once.


The field of architecture has much to gain from Visuali’s on-demand manufacturing and scanning services.

Art & Fashion

Helping preserve art is an art that we practise at Visuali. Our 3D scanning services are employed where unique restoration and preservation is required


Innovation leaders – the automotive industry have an equally passionate part manufacturing service provider, Visuali

Commercial Products

The trend in manufacturing is getting closer to the consumer with unique and personalised products.

Consumer Goods

Adding higher functionality and utility and, improving efficiency and cost is a dream that all consumer durables hold.


The area of defence is always finding ways to arrive at systems that are lighter, reduce fuel costs and have increased capabilities.


Educators and educational institutions are one of the largest beneficiaries of 3D on-demand part manufacturing services.


Critical care is empowered by precision diagnostic devices, prosthetic devices and equipment.

Machinery & Equipment

Machinery and equipment manufacturers have very specific demands from 3D printing and 3D scanning systems.


Visuali’s on-demand manufacturing service is the closest you can get to actual tooling and component manufacturing at costs that are astoundingly small.